All products in Rieber’s KitchenWare range have been developed with great attention to detail.teppanyaki

SWISS-PLY® multilayer cookware including teppanyaki stainless steel griddle pans and stainless steel Gastronorm cooking containers, all suitable for any heat source.

The Thermoplate® teppanyaki combines the positive characteristics of a perfect griddle plate with the ergonomic Gastronorm system. Ideally suited for temperatures between -20°C and +220°C, it works straight from freezer to cooking, if required.

Rieber CookWare features highly efficient multilayer SWISS-PLY® construction. An aluminium core is sandwiched between two stainless steel layers resulting in approx. 10-times greater energy conductivity (chilling and heating) than a conventional pan. Perfect for any type hob – from gas and electric to halogen and induction.

Due to the Gastronorm sizing, the pans can also be used in a compatible combination steamer and in Rieber’s Waterstation sinks.  The arrangement of this special set ensures that the cookware is suitable for many different uses. It is, for example, ideally suited as a frying pan or saucepan or for gentle steaming.

Thermoplate® stainless-steel teppanyaki seals food extremely quickly and is perfect for quickly cooking meat, vegetables fish and shellfish with the minimum of oil, all the better for a healthy meal.

Featuring 4 mm handles, Thermoplate® teppanyaki is available in smooth and durable stainless steel in 1/1 and ½ GN size.

Gastronorm is an international sizing system, the basic unit size being 1/1, with smaller containers shown as fractions of the basic 1/1 format.

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This cookware set sets new standards for the industry. It is ideally suited for storing food, helping to extend shelf life and prevent taste and odour transfer. The set comprises two containers with a depth of 48 mm and one container with a depth of 91 mm as well as three lids with a tightly sealing silicon lip in orange, green and transparent.

The tightly sealing silicon lip ensures that the containers can also be used for transporting food (e.g. as a lunch box). Due to the rectangular shape of the containers the space can be used more efficiently than with conventional round bowls.

Many of the foods we buy are packaged in plastic material. We now know that many plastics contain plasticisers, which may get absorbed by the food. With our stainless steel containers the food is safely stored – with a number of benefits. Stainless steel is hygienic, food-safe, odourless, dishwasher-proof and robust, which makes it ideally suited for daily use.

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