About us

Professional kitchen technology at home

rieber-about-us-2-U-karriere-main_7392_01970af52ePeople and food are the core focus of our business.

As a market leading provider of complete catering solutions for schools, hospitals, businesses, contract caterers, hotels, restaurants, care homes, prisons, MoD and the marine industry, we have been supplying high-end kitchen equipment for more than 80 years.  Now, you can enjoy the whole ‘Rieber world’ in your home.

Rieber offers more than a simple kitchen sink or pan. Our products help in the creation of your cuisine.  Our philosophy is to make an important contribution to people’s health and quality of life – from the young to the old.

We strive for food quality, safety and to save money, combining high levels of convenience and attractive design with highly efficient use of materials, energy and water.

The headquarters are based in Reutlingen, Germany. Rieber is a leading provider of kitchen solutions for professional caterers and for private use at home. We employ around 600 staff at four production sites in Reutlingen and Trebbin. Daughter companies are based in Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and the UK. Rieber is represented by partners in all European countries and in many countries worldwide.

waterstation_pantry_if_focus_01_DS_01Rieber has been awarded more than 40 international design prizes for high-end quality, great functionality and sophisticated design.

Save time, space and energy…By using an exclusive technological innovation – in the form of Rieber cookware.

Thanks to the patented SWISS-PLY®multilayer material, Rieber cookware boasts extremely high thermal conductivity and is therefore perfect for heating up or cooling down. And not only does this save you energy, it also saves you time and money.

Enjoy the world of Rieber.